We are doctors and providers of health and wellness care.  We offer only out-patient treatment.  Out-patient treatment means that you can continue to live at your home and that we do not confine you. We are here to empower and help those who want to live a life without substance abuse or addiction. We help those who might be juggling life and addiction, or someone who wants to regain their life and start to truly live life again.  We desire to help you set goals and reach them through perserverance and dedication.
Who We Are

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You will not only receive excellent medical and psychological care, but you will also learn that our Doctors were once addicted.  You will come to understand that we already care about you even before you walk in the door. Why? Because we were once in your shoes. In our private and confidential office, we will treat you with respect, kindness and understanding from the moment you arrive.  

We hope to help you make the change that will improve your life…for the rest of your life. If you or a loved one has been trying to stop taking pain pills, opiates, or heroin, we will help.  We offer Suboxone and Subutex (Buprenorphine), which are medications specifically designed to make withdrawal and detox from opiates easier. Suboxone is a medication that is wonderful for individuals trying to get their life back.  Trying to have resume normal relations with their family and have a sustainable future in their careers. Our doctors work with patients to provide more than just suboxone. To increase your chances at success, we help our patients to find solutions to underlying issues. Issues may be medical (including hormonal), social, spiritual, economic, psychological and physical (including pain).
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